Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Visiting New York For The First Time

Everyone says to me how do you manage New York ? Isn't it scary ? Do you not get lost ? New York City streets are all up and down and across ways. I get lost in parts of Edinburgh I've never been to, never mind New York.  

The first time I booked to go to New York I booked on the Thursday and was went on the Sunday, talk about last minute eh. I had a week of work and always dreamed of staying at the Roosevelt hotel in New York, but it was always soo expensive. I remember searching package holidays for 1 person and showed up an amazing price. I txt my friend saying there's an amazing price to go to New York, the problem is my mum isn't off and I don't know any friends to go. They replied go for it. I typed in my details and clicked confirm. Once I hit confirm it suddenly felt real and I thought oh my what have a done ? I'd never been out the country on my own, never mind America. I phoned my mum and said "am going to New York on Sunday" I don't think she believed me at first. She was like you'll never manage New York on your own with the high buildings. What was the high buildings got to do with me managing New York on my own ?   

I booked the airport shuttle, in with the holiday. I picked up my suitcase at the airport, then headed to the shuttle service desk which was easy to find. They took my name and told me to sit and wait on my name being called. I sat for ages and starting thinking maybe they've forgotten about me. I went back to the desk and asked what was happening and they said my name was still to be called. Nearly an hour later my name got called. I was only in New York for 3 nights, so felt like such a huge waste of time.  After I came back from New York, my mums cousin who goes to New York a lot says get the train. Now I get the train from Newark airport, to Pennsylvania station and it's soo much easier. I'll go into more detail about the train at a later date. 

The first day arriving in New York, can be quite tiring. I walk around Midtown, Times Square area. I like to call it getting my bearings day. Pennsylvania station has soo many openings, I still get a little mix up where I am when I come out of the train station.  Once I find my way to Times Square I feel like I've never left New York.

Make plans

New York is a place where there's soo much to see and do, so I always make plans for each day and it's always fun to add in extra things along the way. It's hard to fit all the touristy things in the one trip, so even just seeing things from a distance is just as exciting.

I usually book for 3 nights in New York, though September I went for a week. I honestly thought I do more visiting New York for 4 days, than I did in the week. I think I keep telling myself am only here for 3 nights, so am rushing about everywhere. September was the first time I'd visited New York when it's been so warm, so I found myself sitting in Central Park a lot enjoying the sun.

These are the things I seen and did the first time I visited New York :

Day 1 - Flatiron Building, Empire State Building, Times Square 
Day 2 - Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn bridge, shopping
Day 3 - See famous stars houses, Central Park, Top of the rock, shopping
Day 4 - Fifth avenue, and go on a spending spree with any money Had left

On the first day I arrived, after dropping off my suitcase at the hotel I wanted to just go for a walk and find the Flatiron Building. I loved the photos I'd seen of Mary-Kate and Ashley standing beside it for their movie New York minute, so I really wanted to get my photo beside it. While I was walking I happened to pass the Empire State Building. I didn't see the Empire State Building a huge deal, because I wanted to go up Top of The Rock. I actually walked by the Empire State Building and thought ok am passing it, I might as well go up and say I've been. The view is amazing up the Empire State Building, each landmark just has a different view from where you are. Then at night I walked around the shops at Times Square.  

I hate buses and cabs unless am with other people, so on the second day I made use of the full day by walking downtown to Ground Zero. It's a really nice walk and taking in the scenery too. It took me just over an hour to walk downtown. I took a walk around Ground Zero. It was sad seeing Ground Zero, but if you search some of the names of the people listed on your phone it's nice reading about their life online. After seeing Ground Zero I carried on walking and spotted the Statue of Liberty, over the water. The Brooklyn bridge is easy to spot from there too. I felt soo happy I managed to accomplish seeing them from afar, but I wanted to get moving with soo little time. After that I walked back up to Times Square and spent the night looking at shops and shopping at Victoria's Secret.  

On the third day I went celeb spotting, past celebrity houses. It's soo much fun nosing past famous stars houses in New York. Then I headed for a walk in Central Park. I love Central Park, it's soo peaceful. I hope when I meet the one they'll propose to me in Central Park haha. After Central Park I headed up Top of The Rock at night. It's such an amazing view seeing all the lights across New York. Then I spent the rest of the night shopping in and around Times Square. 

On the last day I checked out of the hotel and enjoyed the last of the shops and scenery. 

My personal tip is see the touristy things during the day and shop at night. Ally of the shops in Times Square are open till 3am.

Also try to blend in with everyone else. The first time I went Paul's Boutique was quite popular, so I was wearing the jacket, boots and bag. I knew it was a British brand, but Superdry and other brands are worldwide, so I didn't think much off it. When I was walking through East village, a guy was walking behind me shouting "British girl, British girl". 

Do you have a tips on visiting New York for the first time ?

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