Sunday, 5 March 2017

Celebrity Spotting in New York

New York is the city where celebrities are known to hang out. Who hasn't dreamed of bumping into any celebrities ? We all dream of bumping into our favourite celebs, so ill tell you my story how I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Victoria Beckham.

I've been a Mary-Kate and Ashley fan since they became famous in the UK, when Two of a kind was on tv. I used to always say my dream was to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley and I never ever thought it would happen. 

I went to New York last September, during New York fashion week. I've heard of New York fashion week and seen photos, but never imagined seeing any celebs. New York is a huge city after all.   

I arrived in New York on Sunday September 11th and I couldn't wait to visit The Row shop (Mary-Kate and Ashley's brand), which just opened. I met up with Scott a guy from New York and we headed along to the store on 17e 71st street, but it looked closed. Scott goes to the people standing outside when is it next open ? They said they are doing construction work and will be back open on the Tuesday. 

I woke up on the Monday morning thinking it was strange The Row was shut for construction work, considering it only just opened in May. It was like something telling me "go back past the shop". 

I walked back up to 17e 71st street and there was quite a few photographers, black cars and security. I thought to myself photographers won't stand there for nothing. 

First I spotted Mary-Kate Olsen's husband Olivier Sarkozy step out the The Row. It was really strange, as I'd only seen him in magazines and online photos. I thought I'll never see him again, this is a once in a life time. I ran after him and said hi can I get my photo with you. He replied am not very good at that sort of thing. I thought ok he obvious doesn't like getting his photo taken, so I walked away. Then photographers were taking photos of him. I ran back to him and took his photo. He must have thought I was a weirdo walking away and running back haha. 

Then Ashley Olsen stepped out and Mary-Kate came out after. These photos look abit paparazzi, but I did try shout Ashley like others, but she didn't look at anyone. 

Later I wanted to celebrate bumping into Mary-Kate and Ashley, by buying their new perfumes that came out. I went along to Sephora and bought the two new Elizabeth and James perfumes (Nirvana Bourbon and Nirvana Rose). I walked out of Sephora and was walking along Times Square and Victoria Beckham got out a black car. I thought to myself I dreamed of bumping into celebrities, now I see all these celebrities on the same day.

If you want to bump into any celebrities, I recommend going during New York fashion week. I am so glad I got to experience seeing celebrities in New York. I dreamed for so long bumping into Mary-Kate and Ashley and saw them when I wasn't expecting it. I walked back along to The Row shop, but never imagined I'd see Mary-Kate and Ashley. Then to bump into Victoria Beckham, later on the same day. 

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