Thursday, 2 March 2017

Dream Bar New York

I live in Scotland, where tipping is only if you want to. In America tipping is abit more compulsory. My American friend told me it's the tips, that make people's wages. I see two ways of tipping. Why should staff have to rely on customers to tip to make their wage and why should customers feel they have to tip, if they didn't feel they got good service. I've been in Scottish bars and restaurants in New York and they aren't anything like Scotland. I once joked to one worker in a bar asking for an irn bru, even though I knew they didn't sell it. He looked at me confused saying he'd never heard of it haha.

My dream would be to open a Scottish bar in New York, to give American a proper taste of Scotland. The bar would be called Danielle Mac and all staff would get a livable wage, so tips aren't compulsory. 

Irn bru drink would be a must, it's scotlands popular soft drink. I'd make a good advertiser for irn bru, I drink Irn bru all the time. Am not a huge fan of haggis, but it would have to have vegetarian haggis, with neeps and tatties. Vegetarian haggis has vegetables , pulses and oatmeal. It's a good alternative if you don't like the proper haggis.

If anyone wants to partner with me and open this bar, to show Americans the real Scotland contact me

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