Thursday, 30 March 2017

Flatiron Building

What is your favourite landmark in New York ? The Flatiron Building, is one of my favourite landmarks in New York. It's appeared in many movies. I saw it on the movie "New York Minute" and always wanted to see it in person. 

The first time I went to New York I sat on the plane thinking out my plans for each day. I planned once I arrived to walk to the Flatiron and would be a good way, to get to know the area.

I headed down Broadway, following where it looked on google map on my phone. Though am terrible at maps, am better at going with the flow and taking guesses. At Madison Square Park, I saw the iconic Flatiron building and looks so breathtaking. I'd seen it in the "New York Minute" movie, so it didn't feel real seeing it in person.

The Flatiron building is one of my favourite landmarks, as it's unique and just looking at photos of the building you know it's New York. 

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  1. Do they have apartments in there or offices, do you know?
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