Sunday, 26 March 2017

Getting to Woodbury Common

Hi everyone I talked about Woodbury Common Outlet, so I want to go into more detail about getting there. When you are in Times Square, you will without a doubt here the tour bus people stand shouting "Woodbury Common". They sell tour bus tickets and tickets to Woodbury Common. Am sure you'll be able to buy bus tickets online and other places, but I choose to go to one of the Gray Line sellers and paid $35 for a return ticket.

I then headed to the Port Authority bus terminal on 40th street on 8th Avenue. Am not going to lie, the Port Authority bus terminal is like a maze. I walked in and there was so many arrows pointing different ways and escalators. I thought wow where am I going ? Lucky I mentioned to my mums cousin I wanted to go to Woodbury Common, but I was nervous about going. She messaged a list of instructions, before I left for New York. I got my mobile out and checked the message again. Her instructions were "4th floor and gate 412" There was maybe the gate number on the bus ticket, but I didn't want to stand out the tourist standing reading a bus ticket.

I got up to the 4th floor, passing so many bus terminals and the numbers were getting nearer to gate 412. Bus staff shouted "Woodbury Common". It was such a relief to finally find the bus. 

The bus that drives to Woodbury Common, is Coach USA. It took about an hour on the freeway and drove right to the front door, of Woodbury Common.

There's a bus every hour and picks you back up at the front, when you head back. I panic getting to places. I start thinking what if I get there and can't find where to get the bus back, but honestly I loved it. The bus journey went in so fast,as I was too busy looking at the different scenery. 

Where : 40th street on 8th Avenue 

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