Saturday, 4 March 2017

Interior Rooms

New York has turned into a hobby for me, not just the place. I love being in New York and all things New York. New York interior decorative is the thing in British shops right now. I love spotting new things with New York theme. I bought my house just after visiting New York for the first time, so when I came home telling my dad I wanted to decorate my house New York I think he thought I was joking.

I've had so much fun thinking of ideas how I could change my house into New York theme. My dad helped wallpaper, though it took him a while. Everything I found was looking online or in shops. The photos were reduced to £5 in B&Q, though they always have similar New York photos on sale. 

These are little snippets of my house :
I've linked the things I can find that are still available to buy

Living room :

New York Skyline cushion | Argos
Radio city photo | B&Q
New York Skyline rug | Tesco

Bedroom :

New York skyline wall mural | Online
New York skyline duvet covers | Argos
Mini cushions | Asda
Times Square mini photos | B&Q

Bathroom :

I love how my house turned out decorated. It's like living the American dream in Scotland, waking up to New York everyday.

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