Thursday, 9 March 2017

M&M World | New York

M&M world in New York is in the heart of Times Square. It's a place every tourist must visit, to experience the chocolate smell and see all the M&M's.

When you walk into M&M world in New York it's got that distinctive smell, you know you've walked into M&M world. There's two floors, the ground and first floor is novelty M&M branded things. There's so many novelty things to choose from for every tourist to take home. There's Statue of Liberty and NYPD sweet dispensers, M&M branded clothes with New York on them and even Christmas decorations. The second floor is the M&M pick n mix with all the different colours and flavours. There is milk chocolate M&M's separated into each colour to flavours I'd never seen or heard of before.

I picked the cheesecake m&m's. I'd never seen cheesecake M&M's, so I wanted to try them. The pick n mix at the M&M world is expensive, but it's not like you'll buy from there everyday. 

Where : 1600 Broadway, New York 

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