Monday, 27 March 2017

New York Feet

When I go to New York, I always think I must bring fancy casual shoes for going into the shops in New York. It's a huge regret, when I get there. I walk for miles and end up with cut feet. Scott someone I know from New York said wow look at the cuts on your feet, saying he felt bad us walking far. I replied it's called New York feet, as I always get cut feet when I walk everywhere in New York. I told Scott I only bring fancy casual shoes, so I look good going into shops and Scott said they don't care what you wear. I'd worry about not getting into the luxury shops, not being dressed to standard.

My advice to myself and everyone is when packing for New York, bring a pair of trainers unless you want New York feet haha. I try travel light, as I want room for shopping. Maybe next time I'll learn to bring trainers.


  1. Haha the thing is NYers do judge you by your shoes! I see you're wearing TOMS which are good- white is impossible in this dirty city though. TOMS makes a suuuuper comfortable wedge - my absolute favorite for running around NYC! I've literally run 20 blocks in them and felt fine!