Saturday, 11 March 2017

One World Observatory

I'd say visiting the World Trade Center is a once in a life time, but then there's me who's visited the World Trade Center twice. I first visited the World Trade Center in January last year. I was only visiting New York for 3 days, so you have to make use of the time you have. I went up and there was fog, you couldn't really see far in the distance but it was nice to say I'd been up. I went back to New York in September and I was near the World Trade Center on a sunny day, so I wanted to go back up. 

    Inside the World Trade Center there's a walk through of videos being played, how the World Trade Center was built. It leads on to the lift, which takes you to the 102nd floor. The lift to the top plays a video on all walls and the roof, it actually fells like you're flying through New York City. After exiting the lift you're led to a theatre section to watch a video of New York in 3D. Then the walls lift up and you see the amazing view over New York City, or like their slogan "See forever". 

    The World Trade Center is one of my favourite things to see in New York. It's modern, fresh looking and entertains you every step, even in the lift.? My only disappointment is the shop is at the top, so you need to go up the top to buy anything. I guess that's the whole point in a souvenir shop haha. I told my mum the shop had One World Observatory lanyard and she didn't tell me till later, that she wanted one for her work. I did manage to buy the lanyards when I went back in September though.

It costed $29.39 to go up in January 2016 and $37 when I went up in September, so it may be dearer now.

It's walkable distance getting to the World Trade Center from Times Square, if you want to take in the New York scenery. It took me about an hour and 20 mins, walking from Times Square. 

Where : 285 Fulton Street, New York 

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