Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wetherspoon | Empire State Burger

If you've never heard of Wetherspoon, it's a pub in the UK. All Wetherspoon pubs are all named after something, like the Wetherspoon's local to me are Calley Picture House, named after a picture house. Alexander Graham Bell, named after the man who invented the telephone. The White Lady, named after the ghost of Corstorphine.  

Wetherspoon has brought out a new food menu. I saw adverts online, meals named after New York. I got a little excited, as I love trying things named after New York. Incase you haven't noticed, this website am sharing with you everything New York. 

The Wetherspoon I visited, was The White Lady in Edinburgh. I ordered the Empire State burger, which costs £8.15 with a soft drink or £9.15 with an alcoholic drink. 

Empire State burger
Two beef patties, American cheese slices, maple-cured bacon. Served with chips and six onion rings 

Irn Bru

Warm cookie dough sandwich, with ice cream 

The Empire State burger is piled high like the Empire State Building, but there wasn't anything spectacular about the burger. My mum stole half my chips, so the burger was easy to manage. I have to say the chips were my favourite. They had a different taste, from the usual Wetherspoon chips I've had. Then for dessert I had the cookie dough, which is part of Wetherspoon new menu. Honestly the cookie dough tasted too good to be Wetherspoon. 

I love how Wetherspoon staff come and ask if the food is ok, within a few minutes of you getting it. The guy said are you taking a photo to show how big the burger is. I don't think he realised am a blogger.


  1. I've never been to a whetherspoons before but I'm obsessed with cookie dough so the idea of a cookie dough sandwich has me with heart eyes emojis! Love love love :)