Sunday, 2 April 2017

New York Tartan Week | Edinburgh

Hi everyone, have you heard of a kilt ? or skirt as some people call them haha. I was surprised to hear New York have a week in April called Tartan week, to celebrate their Scottish heritage. Edinburgh is the Capital of Scotland. I met a few New Yorkers and they thought Edinburgh is pronounced "Edin-Burg". I have to keep correcting them, saying it's pronounced "Edin-Bra". I dream that one day I'll live in New York, to be part of the fun, action city, but for now I'll just settle for Scotland.

To celebrate New York Tartan week, am sharing with you Edinburgh. I really want to put in a lot of work to this website, to show my love for New York. I see on the analysis there's a lot of viewers from America aswell, so I want to keep New York Nirvana flowing in tune with New York. As it's New York Tartan week, am now swapping over and showing you my city. It was so nice yesterday, so I went for a walk around the city and snapped some photos to share here.

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