Saturday, 8 April 2017

Scottish Currency

I've had soo much fun this week, showing you all my country (Scotland). Tartan week gave me a chance to let me share with you clips of Scotland and our culture. Today there's a Scotland march in New York. If anyone is going to the March in New York, I'd love to hear about the celebrations.  

When I met Scott while visiting New York, he said he'd never saw Scottish money before. I showed him some of our Scottish notes and coins and he took a photo. I was amazed he said he'd never saw Scottish money.

I went to the bank machine to get some Scottish money, so you all can see our currency. Lets just say, it didn't go so well. I always pay with card, so I didn't have any cash. I went to a cash machine and it just gave out £10 notes, then tried another and another. In the end I had to go into a shop. Typical if I didn't want a £20 Scottish note, the bank machine would have gave me a £20 note haha.

These are some of our Scottish money :

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