Thursday, 27 July 2017

10 reasons to travel solo

I have been traveling solo to New York for 4 years now. Here am going to tell you 10 reasons why I love traveling solo.  

1. You can get away with booking a last minute holiday, without all the arranging time of work, money etc with friends or family. 

2. Not everyone likes the same holidays. Why wait till you can find someone, who wants to go to the same place as you. ?

3. When you book with other people when it comes to picking plane seats, you have to say and where do you want to sit. ? When you are on your own, you are only picking your own seat, window ? Aisle ?

4. There's no rushing arguing what time to be at the airport for. Although I still get my dad to drop me of at the airport, he still says "if you aren't ready for this time am not taking you" haha.

5. There's no stressing about loosing anyone at the airport, because you are on your on. My mum is the worst for disappearing in the airport shops, you turn your back and can't find her.

6. When you arrive, you can go at your own speed, walking as fast as you want.

7. You do things as you please, so there's no hanging about "what are we doing today?". You just get up and go.

8. You can stop and take as many photos as you want and no one is telling you to hurry up or your taking too many photo.

9. You can stay out as late as you want, without feeling you have to go back to the hotel. When you travel with others you feel when they say they are heading back to the hotel, you kind of feel you have to aswell. 

10. Having a solo hotel party ! Who else loves going to the local Walgreens or local shop, on the first night and picking up crisps or chips, as Americans call them and sweets or candy, as Americans  call it. I love sitting in the hotel late at night trying American things and checking my social media, to keep me sane and not lonely in my solo travel.

Have you traveled solo ? What do you love about traveling solo ?

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