Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Blog Statistics | July 2017

I started this website, just over 6 months ago and really enjoy looking back at the blog stats. There's something I find interesting reading all the information, reading where in the world people visited the website from.

Page views : 23,463
Page views last month : 4,805

The most viewed countries are from United States, United Kingdom and Germany. Other views are from France, Ireland, Australia, Austria, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Belgium and Netherlands. 

Traffic source

Newyorknirvana.com, Bloglovin, Google and Facebook  

Most viewed posts

Rank in all : 34,622
Rank in lifestyle : 3674

My personal blog (Danielle Mac) was my first blog and I've learnt so much from it. I like to think of my personal blog was where I began and this is my more serious business website. Would you like to see more statistics posts. ? Let me know your thoughts. I think these posts will be nice to look back on and see how far the website has grown.

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