Monday, 17 July 2017

Planning a trip to New York

I have traveled solo to New York so many times now, rather than trying to convince a friend to come and join me. I've had friends say they wish they could go to New York, but say it's too expensive. The best thing about traveling solo, you're on you're on so there's no planning things with other people. I love the fun of a last minute holiday to New York. I have booked 48 hours before I traveled and it's turned out the best holidays I've been on.    

My Cousin turns 21 in October and is planning to spend her 21st birthday, in New York City. I feel honoured she's asked me to join her and a few other Cousins, in New York. Not only is she spending her 21st birthday in New York, it's also my favourite place. 

I've never been on a group holiday, only family holidays and I have traveled solo to New York. Am clueless what is the best way to arrange a group holiday. Should we fly direct or look into the cheapest way of flying, if stopover flights are cheaper.  When I fly on my own to New York, I always fly direct. It's easier, less panic rushing from one plane to another. If am with other people, I'd be open minded about stopover flights. The thing with stopover flights, you have to consider how much are you saving, what time is your flight arriving compared to the direct flight. Is it really worth arriving late to pay for a hotel for the night. ? I love the direct flight from Edinburgh, it arrives at 12, New York lunch time.    When I've booked to go on my own to New York, the websites I use the price always changes. When we find a flight, hotel and price we all agree to, we could bank transfer to one person to book. However there's been times I've clicked back and the price has jumped up. We would have to be at the pay page and everyone ready to bank transfer, if we agree to that price. Or do we go to a travel agent and we each pay our share. ?   

How long is enough time in New York. ? Ok reality there's never enough time, as when I come home there's always something I wish I done. I always think of New York like . I've always went for 3 nights, except September last year I went for 6 nights. I honestly felt I had the best time staying 3 nights. I loved the feeling of rushing to as many touristy places, late night shopping. Last September when I visited New York for 6 nights it was like having too much time, I was strolling in Central Park enjoying the sun.

I've been five times to New York, however it will be my Cousin's first trip to New York. I imagine they'll want to do all the first time touristy things, e.g. Empire State Building, Top of the Rock, Flatiron Building and the World Trade Center. I have seen the tourist side of New York, so do I act as the tour guide. ? I like finding things online, I haven't done in New York and making a list. Should I go of and do my own thing, while my Cousin's do the first time touristy things. ?

Where is the best Rooftop bars in New York. ? My Cousin says she wants to go to Rooftop bars to celebrate her birthday. I've been to Mad46 Rooftop bar and the view was out of this world. I'd really like to visit 230 Fifth Rooftop bar, the photos online make me want to me in New York right now seeing the New York skyline. Is there any other places in New York good to celebrate a birthday. ?

I can't wait to be back in New York, New York is like a dream. If you have any ideas or anything I've missed tweet me, or send me an email.

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