Tuesday, 25 July 2017

The Roosevelt Hotel New York | Review

I have stayed at the Roosevelt hotel in New York 3 times, so I thought I'd share my thoughts. When it comes to picking hotels, am known for picking top hotels. I like staying at hotels known around the world. I have stayed at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood, so when it came to picking a hotel in New York I knew I only wanted to stay at the Roosevelt hotel.

New York was my first solo holiday so I was really nervous, but the reception person made me feel welcome. The hotel room was very small, but cosy. My room window looked onto trash bins, but hey you've got to look onto something.

The hotel is about 10 mins walk along 45th street, but there's always people walking along. Sometimes I got too caught up in the late night shopping in Times Square and forgot the time. I walked along 45th street at 11pm back to the hotel and felt completely safe, as there was always others walking along the street. I went from sleeping with my bedroom light on and door open, to staying in a hotel room the other side of the Atlantic Ocean on my own.   

My only disappointment in the hotel on the first visit the maid came banging on the room at 8am, telling me to leave the room. The hotel website states check out time 12pm. I was squeezing everything in my suitcase getting ready to go out and enjoy New York, before I caught my flight home. The maid was banging on the door telling me to leave. I opened the door and she said you leave today. I replied "oh you want me to leave now" she said yes. So I grabbed my suitcase and went.   

My second visit to the Roosevelt hotel was with my mum. My mum loved the hotel and even said it was fancier, than the hotel she stayed at work my dad. When we were leaving the hotel we had to leave our suitcases with the lobby staff. The lobby worker stood rubbing his hands saying "tip tip" before we even asked him to take our suitcase. It was quite rude, but we still laugh about it to this day.  

My third visit to the Roosevelt hotel was in January last year. I arrived and the reception woman said my room wasn't ready, but she could upgrade me to a room with 2 double beds at no extra cost.

I really enjoyed the Roosevelt hotel, however they have started charging the resort fee ($25 per night) , which a lot of hotels in New York charge.

I can't seem to find where I've saved the room photos, but this is a photo of me (in the hotel room).

The Roosevelt hotel also has a Rooftop bar, called Mad46. I always wanted to visit the Rooftop bar, but the times I stayed at the Roosevelt hotel it was always closed for the season. I did however manage to visit Mad46 September last year. The view was amazing.

Where : 45 East 45th street, New York  

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