Saturday, 15 July 2017

Share a Coke | New York

Who loved when Coke done the "share a Coke with names". I was lucky enough to find my name "Danielle" on a bottle. The new campaign is city's around the world. If you are someone like my mum this can be bad. My parents have travelled to many city's and they happened to have been to a lot of the places on the bottles. My mum went to the shops and started putting all the bottles of City's  she'd been to in the trolley and my dad goes "calm down, we don't need all these." It is quite expensive if you have been to a lot of the places, as the city names are only on the single bottles. The only city I wanted to find was New York and would you believe it took me a whole week searching the Coke shelves, before I finally found "New York".

Have you found the City you've been to on a Coke bottle yet ?

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