Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Sheraton Hotel Times Square | Review

Staying in New York solo, there's certain things you want, a hotel central and an intercontinental hotel. I always dreamed of staying in a hotel right on Times Square, to do late night shopping and walking straight into the hotel. 

    I always automatically booked to stay at The Roosevelt hotel, but when it came to booking last September I noticed the Roosevelt hotel now charge a resort fee. A lot of hotels in New York charge a resort fee, a fee you pay when you arrive. I prefer a one total price for a holiday, so it made me open up to look at other hotels. The Sheraton hotel is right on Times Square and worked out cheaper than other hotels which charged a resort fee. With the hotel I always stayed at started charging the resort fee and my dream was to stay right on Times Square, it was a no brainer to stay in no other than the Sheraton hotel on Times Square. I stayed at the Sheraton hotel September 2016 and January 2017.

My first visit to the Sheraton hotel on Times Square was in September 2016. I checked in to the hotel and was given room number 4011, on the 40th floor. The lifts were modern with type pads, where you clicked the number of floor you wanted before entering the lift. I dropped my suitcase of in the room, then went to look out the window and couldn't believe the amazing view looking down the the street right onto Times Square. The room had a double bed, tv, large desk, sofa chair and a bathroom with bath/shower. It's one of the most spacious hotel rooms I've been in, in New York City. It's also good for working people with the huge desk.

It was September the 11th, so I headed down to see the blue light shining into the sky in memory of 9/11. Then headed back to the hotel room, but my room card work didn't work so I had to trek down to the reception. First the reception person said am not checked in yet. I said well where's my suitcase. ? I showed my room card saying I must be checked in I have this card and went to the room. I had to stand for around 10 mins, before the person spoke with a few people and sorted my room card. The good thing, I got to keep the room and after the panic where my suitcase was, it was still in the room where I left it.     

 The suitcase storing was on the 6th floor and there's a sign saying it's $4 per bag to store. I had to pay $8, as I had 2 suitcases (a large and carry on suitcase). I think the suitcase storing charge is ridiculous considering you pay dear enough to stay at the hotel and you have no other choice, unless you want to pull your suitcase around New York City for the day haha.

The second time I visited the Sheraton hotel on Times Square was in January. I checked in and asked the reception woman, if I could get a good view like last time. The reception woman said I wouldn't get as good view, but I'd still see Times Square on the 14th floor (room 1407). So I went to the hotel room window excepting not as good view, but I think the view was just as good if not better.

(The view from the hotel room second time)

When I checked out of the hotel, the bag storage was moved to the ground floor. Again it was $4 per bag, but I squeezed my small suitcase into the large suitcase to save paying another $4.

I totally recommend this hotel, although I think it was just luck getting an amazing view. 

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